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  • Your comfort and well being are important to us, please inform us of any special medical condition such as, pregnancy, hypertension, medical conditions, allergies or disabilities to ensure maximum enjoyment and benefits.
  • Please make sure to inform your therapist if you are suffering from any medical or skin condition, or using any skin sensitizing medications (ex. Accutane, Retina-A, etc.). Warning: Having facials while on medication (ex. Retin A, Renova, prescription strength Glycolic Acid, Accutane, etc.), using drugs or having pre-existing medical skin conditions may cause a severe reaction and/or damage to your skin.
  • Clients with active skin sensitivities (ex. Rosacea, Eczema, Open Wounds/Lesions, etc.) should not be waxing or receiving skin sensitizing treatments, such as micro-dermabrasion or exfoliation.
  • To prevent skin irritation men should shave in advance, but not immediately before a facial.
  • Shaving immediately before body scrubs or wrap treatments is not recommended. Eating immediately prior to massage is not recommended.


For your safety, strict compliance is required with the following:
  • According to Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Guidelines for Non-Healthcare Settings:
    • All equipment and non-absorption surfaces and floors at RAYA Hydro-Therapy Spa are cleaned and disinfected daily with a certified disinfector.
    • All shared linens are washed in detergent and bleach at temperatures of 160 degress Farenheit.
    • We ask that Spa Customers take a shower before using the Hydro-Therapy Facilities.
  • Wet surfaces in the steam rooms and showers could be slippery. Please watch your step!
  • Shaving and use of soap, shampoo, conditioners and oils is prohibited in sauna and steam rooms.
  • Reading is prohibited in saunas.
  • Use of facilities is prohibited when experiencing open sores, contagious infections or diseases.
  • Proper attire must be worn in sauna, steam rooms and entire Hydro-Therapy facility (swimsuit, shorts, etc.)
  • Towel must be used when sitting or lying on benches in sauna and steam room.
  • Inside Sauna: Ensure that fresh clean water is in the pail of adding to the heated rocks to maintain comfortable humidity. Add small amounts of water from the bucket to adjust the humidity in the sauna (generally maintained at 20-25%). Please see Spa staff for assistance.
  • Do not spend excessive time inside the sauna and steam rooms. Remain in the sauna and steam rooms only long enough to warm up and stimulate mild persperation (usually 5-7 minutes). For your convenience, an electronic clock and and electronic temperature controls are located over the entry doors to monitor staying time and temperperatures in the sauna and steam rooms.
  • When finished and ready to cool down, take a cool shower to close the pores of the skin.
  • Please advise Front Desk Staff of any faults in equipment or facility.
  • Children under 18 year old are prohibited from using Spa facilities.


The Sauna contains a hot DRY ENVIRONMENT with temperatures Ranging from 145 degrees F - 150 degrees F (plus/minus 2 degrees F)
  • The Aroma and Steam rooms contains a hot high humidity WET ENVIRONMENT with temperatures ranging from 105 degrees F - 110 degrees F (plus/minus 2 degrees F)
  • Persons with any medical conditions: Pregnant, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, or Abnormally High or Low Blood Pressure, etc. should consult a physician before using the saunas and steam rooms.
  • Persons with open wounds, active skin sensitivities (Rosacea, Eczema, etc.) or immediately following glycolic exfoliation and micro-dermabrasion should avoid using the sauna and steam rooms.
  • Do not use Spa facilities if you have used or taken alcohoic beverages, drugs, or medication of any kind (ex. prescription and over-the-counter medications, holistic preparations or illegal drugs) that may affect your judgement or impair abilities.
  • Seniors may fatigue from extreme heat and should avoid using the sauna and steam rooms. In case of Emergency: Press the Intercom Bottom, located on the wall to the left of the exit door, you will automatically be connected to the Front Deskor ask any of the Spa staff for assistance.


  • Press the silver button on the wall. It will activate the flow of the steam and will automatically shut off in one minute.
  • The steam unit is on an automatic one minute cycle.
  • Press the button each time that you desire additional steam
  • The temperature in the steam/shower cabin is automatically controlled not to exceed 110 F
  • To release the steam from the cabin simply open the shower entry door
  • For assistance press zero on any house phone or intercom