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Micro-Dermabration Treatment

  • Face and Neck (approx. 45 min. )__ $80.00
  • In Combination with a facial______ $65.00
  • Chest ________________________ $85.00
  • Half Back _____________________ $90.00
  • Full Back______________________$125.00

This unique approach helps to remove dead, flaky skin cells and helps to stimulate the production of fresh, young skin cells and Collagen.It is the ultimate advancement in non-invasive, non-surgical treatments to enhance skin condition. It will help to combat the signs of aging skin, including fine lines, dark and pigment spots, and acne scars. Most importantly, it is safe to use on all skin types and colors. Can be included with any type of facial.

Micro Peels are ideal for whom?

Individuals with sensitive skin which react to chemicals. Individuals with acne prone skin which is not improved by other remedies. People of all skin types and colors. Individuals who can not take time off to heal from such treatments as lasers and chemical treatments.

What is the procedure like?

With the aid of aluminum oxide crystals vacuumed through the handpiece, it gives the skin a thorough exfoliation while increasing and stimulating Collagen.There should be a quick recovery with only a light pink glow. Individuals may resume normal activities immediately. Procedure takes only 20-30 minutes. This gentle micro abrasive technique often produces very satisfying results.

What results can you expect?

With just the first treatment your skin will feel softer, have a light pink glow and will continue to exfoliate over the next few days. With continued treatment, it will minimize or remove many skin imperfections and abnormalities. Maximum results can be achieved from anywhere from 2-12 treatments, depending on skin type and condition.

What are the benefits over other procedures?

Quick recovery with only a light pink glow. Individual may resume normal activities immediately. Less discomfort. Procedure takes only 20-30 minutes.

How long will results last?

Results may vary, depending upon how the individual cares and protects the facial skin, with a regimen of daily cleanser, moisturizer, and sun screen. Some clients prefer once-a-month maintenance treatments.