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Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Products
G-000 Learn about Alpha Hydroxy (AHA)
G-103 Glycolic Mud Cleanser
G-107 Active Cleansing Gel
G-154 Multi-Fruit AHA Cleansing Milk
G-205 Ginseng Astringent Toner
G-206 Calendula Astringent Toner
G-207 Active Cleansing Gel w/AHA
G-322 Alpha-Quinone Liquid Cream
G-323 Multi-Fruit Day Cream
G-325 Glycolic Treatment Cream X-10
G-327 Glycolic Treatment Cream X-30
G-329 Glycolic Treatment Cream X-50
G-330 Glycolic Treatment Gel GX-50
G-331 Glycolic Exfoliator X-70
G-331 Glycolic Exfoliator X-80
G-334 Multi-Fruit AHA Serum
G-712 Bio-Treatment AHA Masque
Products with Alpha, Beta and Multi-Fruit Acids
Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), the naturally occurring weak fruit and food acids, have been an existing development in the skin care industry. They show excellent results in improving the collagen creation and the exfoliation of epidermis dead cells. The AHAs include glycolic, lactic, citric, malic and tartaric acids. Glycolic acid is present in sugar cane, lactic acid in sour milk, citric acid in fruits, malic acid in apples, and tartaric acid in grapes. Use and effectiveness of these acids was well known by ancient and folk medicine. Ancient youth remedies such as milk baths to smooth the skin or stale wine application to the face to diminish the wrinkles are well described. The widely used glycolic acid has the smallest molecular size of any of the AHA's and is believed to have the best penetration ability into the skin.
Our products with alpha hydroxy acids also incorporate another important development in modern skin care. Use of atomized oxygen as a penetrative vehicle for Vitamin-A Palmitate. Once the Vitamin A Palmitate penetrates the skin, it is converted to weak retinoic acid by the body's natural biochemical processes. This conversion is well documented by Hoffman-LaRoche in Switzerland, which manufactures the retinoic acid ingredient used to make Retin-A creams.
This group of products containing alpha-hydroxy acids does not replace our home care regimen or the monthly salon visits. It complements our existing extensive product line, and makes it more complete and competitive. We are confident you will benefit from the excellent quality and efficacy of these products and our competitive prices.
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